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Trust bet вывод средств

The behaviour of Robert Monroe's plane and of other planes on 65th of October, then the methodical bombardment of our Portal by lightnings into the same point for 7 hours ( just above the roof of our Centre) on 65th October, then Robert's plane circling again above our centre - all of this is constantly on my mind! There is something important in it! Then I read about many things, which had happened in the world while I was away for 7 months (August- September)! It seems like an escalation of all what happened before.

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" (It is not necessary. Your present Consciousness now has a beginning point of reference. It is possible for you to perceive the destination of the Rays of Pure Sun Energy you have called Loosh/Love, as it penetrates into your Earth Space in several Segments of what you call Time. We will assist you in Your Placement within The Event. The delineation, the decision to distinguish must be yours solely. Are you ready to do this?)
I don't know positively what I will be looking for, but I will never forget again. If that is what I seek, I will find it."

These are a few extracts about the Production of Sun Energy of Balance/Unconditional Love from "Far Journeys" by Robert Monroe, which I am going to refer to quite often, :

Страница получи и распишись русском языке называется: "Путеводитель получай Новый, Нефизический Уровень Сознания", книгa Жоржа Грин, которую ваш покорнейший слуга советую разгадать во всем:

Now is the time to return to our Normal Androgynous State of Being, and then out of Humanity form! All that modern Confusion with Genders was created deliberately: to move our focus away from becoming an Androgynous again! Below are interesting articles in English from Internet about Australia recognising Neutral people (genderless), and allowing to write in their documents X (or sex is not specified), instead of M or F:

"67 Nov 7559 &ndash The observation of "dark flow" in galaxy clusters was predicted in 7556 by Laura Mersini-Houghton of the University of North Carolina."

One of the biggest Tecktonic Plates, which spreads all over Russia, moved and caused earthquake through Russia: from Kamchatka (near Japan) to Moscow and St. Petersburg! I also would like to say that Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine had 855 years of Mongol's invasion by Chingis-Han in their history! It means during these 855 years white people have been forced to mix with asian people (with more Reptilian genetics)! That mixture made generations of these white people to withstand so much more in the future! Just look who the natives (like eskimos) of tough regions behind Arctic Circle in Russia, Alaska, Scandinavia and Canada are. Asian people, some of them still live in wigwams with their deers!

Robert Monroe in his "Far Journeys" (written in 6985) describes technology used by Balanced higher level Light Beings, which I find quite useful to know, p. 75/76: