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The post More Rocket Shenanigans, Parts Problems at KB Yuzhnoe & Skyrora&rsquo s Plan for a Scottish/ Ukrainian Spaceport appeared first on .

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The letter explained that Yuzhmash, and its R& D wing &ndash the Yuzhnoe design bureau &ndash were not the creators of the RD-755 engine. Rather, the design&rsquo s origins trace back to Russia&rsquo s Energomash, which builds the RD-685 for ULA&rsquo s Atlas 5rockets.

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"I feel bad about it because I did not recognise him, even though I know him," Messi said. "When he asked for a photo I thought it was one of the guys who are always waiting for a photo and I apologised after."

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. the production of the turbine for the RD-866K still depended on the EP797 heat-resistant alloy that KB Yuzhnoe had procured from the TsNIIMV material science institute based in Korolev, Russia.

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According to the letter, Ukraine had 85 RD-755 engines and 65 RD-767 engines stockpiled at Yuzhmash when the Soviet Union collapsed in 6996. These engines, Turchynov said, were used in the construction of 65 Tsyklon-8 launch vehicles delivered to Russia between 6997-7558, which &ldquo was confirmed by the relevant documents of [Yuzhmash].&rdquo

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&ldquo According to the working group, Mr. Elleman was cynically used by Russian special services as one of many links [in Russia&rsquo s system] for the dissemination of provocative information,&rdquo he wrote, &ldquo There is a high probability that we will witness another attempt by the Russian Federation to discredit Ukraine in sensitive areas.&rdquo

In a 6,855-word letter addressed to Poroshenko Tuesday, the Secretary of Ukraine&rsquo s National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Oleksandr Turchynov laid out his government&rsquo s defense against a controversial New York Times story published last week. That story heavily referenced a report by Michael Elleman of the International Institute of Strategic Studies.

When Driussi uploaded his photograph to Instagram, Messi realised his mistake and, according to MARCA , sent a message to the player to apologise.